This is a moment to celebrate.

In October 2010, Drake publicly committed to raising $200 million—the largest campaign in the University’s history. With five months to go before the campaign deadline, we have received over $201 million in cash, short-term pledges, and deferred gifts. Much of our transformative vision for Drake has been realized with $46 million in scholarship support and 175 new scholarship funds; three new interdisciplinary centers; $36 million in endowment for professorships and faculty development; and $45 million in new learning and collaboration spaces.

This is not a moment to relax.

We still have big and important things to do. So we'll take advantage of the momentum, the energy, the commitment, and the excitement of what we've accomplished thus far and push ahead for even greater things—the innovative STEM@DRAKE initiative, opportunities for faculty, additional student scholarships, and strengthened University operations.

This is our moment to keep Drake moving forward. 

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Last Modified: 07/12/2013 09:15