I graduated from Drake University in 1963 with a Bachelor of Music Education degree, and received my Master of Music Education degree from Drake in 1968.

I had an absolutely wonderful experience at Drake; I was so very fortunate to have had, in high school, both my Chorus teacher (Shirley Sutton) and my Band teacher (Edmond Hargrove) as my mentors; both were Drake graduates, and were a prime reason that I chose to also attend Drake. They used to take me and other music students to Drake recitals, concerts, etc. while I was in high school, and I was so impressed both with the musicality of the events, but also the friendliness of students there, etc.

Finally, the 'kicker' for me to attend: I was in an Honor Band (Creston Festival) my sophomore year in high school; the director of the Festival Band that year was Don Marcouiller, who, of course, taught for many years at Drake University. I was so pleased with the experience there that I knew that no other college would do for me (I had auditioned for, and received, a music scholarship at the U. of Iowa my senior year in high school, but I turned it down to attend Drake). I had a great 37 years of teaching instrumental music in the public schools in Iowa; my background from Drake University made all the difference in my life.

David Twombley, B.M.E. '63; M.M.E. '68

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