I was born and raised in Spanish Harlem , NYC. I decided to help delinquent youth and was working at the local Des Moines, Iowa Boys Club. I decided I needed further education if I was going to pursue a promotion as a Guidance Counselor. I applied to Drake University in order to pursue my Masters degree. I received a letter from the University that denied my admission because my undergraduate test scores were too low. I made an appointment with the President of the University. I was very scared to meet with him back in 1972, but remember I had to try and speak to him and not give up. He was a very distinquished  person and he listened very closely to my story of growing up poor and trying to advance in my life. He stated , this is not our policy, however we will look into possibly admitting you on a probationary basis and you will have to maintain B averages. I received a letter within the next few days, that I had been accepted to Drake University on a probationary basis.  I graduated from Drake, I believe in 1975. I went on to receive my Doctorate Degree in Los Angeles. I have been a professor, counselor , and health practitioner. I currently work at Oxnard College as a counselor teaching and counseling diverse students and work part-time in my health clinic.  I love you Drake and thank you for helping  me get started in my careers and life path.

- Daniel Goicoechea, GR'75

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