Developing Interdisciplinary Centers

Creating new ways of looking at the world isn’t easy. It takes intellectual agility, interdisciplinary grit and the kind of creative thinking that most can barely imagine. But when it happens, there is no limit to the possibilities that can come from it.

The power of interdisciplinary centers is undeniable. They enable us to break through traditional boundaries of thought and create unparalleled opportunities for our students and faculty. In 2000, we established the Donald V. Adams Leadership Institute, which was followed in 2002 by the Center for Global Citizenship and in 2007 by the Intellectual Property Law Center. It is time now to take this effort to even greater heights.

With a “think tank” structure and function, Drake’s interdisciplinary centers will offer countless opportunities for students to engage in activities that will set them apart in the eyes of employers and graduate schools.

Center for Global Citizenship
The entire Drake community will benefit from the abundance of rich opportunities offered through an expanded Center for Global Citizenship – from study abroad, to visiting speakers and scholars, to an exciting integration of global issues into the curriculum and campus culture as a whole.

Center for Leadership
Building upon the mission and purpose of the Donald V. Adams Leadership Institute, the Center for Leadership will offer events, activities and programming focused on equipping students and faculty with the tools to define, understand, replicate and strengthen leadership as both a theoretical concept and a tangible function in the world.

Center for Speaking and Writing
Students will, through the programming of the Center for Speaking and Writing, develop the kind of critical communication skills that are absolutely necessary for success in the professional world of the 21st century.

Institute for Creative Learning and Teaching
With the new Institute for Creative Learning and Teaching, Drake faculty will lead the way in shaping higher education to meet the dynamic challenges of the future.

Intellectual Property Law Center
As part of Drake’s esteemed Law School, the Intellectual Property Law Center will serve as an international research hub; foster partnerships with leading research institutions around the world; and bring together judges, policy makers, industry leaders, attorneys, academicians and students to explore cutting-edge issues.


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